kra of production engineer - Performance assessment

kra of a production engineer

kra of a production engineer

Let I am a Production engineer of Best (Example) Agrotech Ltd, so it is easy to publish my kra of a production engineer. If you want to Performance assessment of some other industry, then comments me, I try my best help to you. Although Its make is easy if you really is a production manager in your field. In our industry it is made by maximum three-four pages, you just copy in your excel file then modify by size increasing and your company manufacturing basis. Let's start

First Page of kra of the production engineer

DEPARTMENT:     PROCESS                         DATE OF JOINING:     21-May-12         
NAME OF APPRAISER:                                 NAME OF REVIEWER:    
LOCATION:  HALDIA                                     NAME OF FUNCTIONAL HEAD (if any)    
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:                 B.TECH(Food Technology)                        

LAST PROMOTION:                                               PREVIOUS YEAR'S RATING IN EAL            
2016                                                                            2013-14               

Goal assessment

2nd Part kra of a production engineer

Behavioral Assessment                                                
Competencies Rating-Scale-Behavioral Descriptor
Result Orientation         
5             Models excellence and sets example for peers to achieve the organizational goals
4             Works on new projects or assignments that add value without compromising current accountabilities.
3              Consistently achieves expectations for improved results in own performance
2              Have clear ideas about goals but due to lack of planning fails to  achieve results
1              Does not have clear ideas about the goal thus fails to achieve results

Cost & Quality                  5             Below 80% of the assigned  Budget with a better quality of output
  Orientation                      4              81% to 90% of the assigned  Budget with good quality of output
                                          3              91%  to 100% of the assigned  Budget with an acceptable quality of                                                                               output       
                                          2             101% to 115% of the  assigned  Budget with a satisfactory quality of                                                                            output
                                          1              115% or more than the  assigned  Budget with the poor quality of output

Innovation"                        5           Breakthrough innovative roles for the company
                                          4            Researches & Implements best practices / suggestions / Kaizen for                                                                                process improvements
                                          3            Suggest ideas/ changes and improvises of a process for better                                                                                           functioning
                                          2            Sticks to Sops and does not resist any change
                                          1            Resists in any change in the process

Decision Making                       Makes high-risk decisions in complex and ambiguous situations                                                                                without a negative impact on business
                                         4            Makes complex decisions in the absence of rules
                                         3            Develops solutions that address the root cause of the problem and                                                                                      prevent a recurrence
                                         2            Makes decisions by interpreting rules
                                                    Slow in decision making which often hampers the speed of work

Collaboration                    5              Adept in gaining cooperation, pushing for solutions through                                                                                              teamwork within and outside the organization
                                           4              Adept in gaining cooperation, pushing for solutions through                                                                                      teamwork within the organization only
                                           3              Adept in gaining cooperation, pushing for solutions through                                                                                    teamwork within the department only
                                           2              Able to gain cooperation, get work done through teamwork with                                                                            peers only
                                           1                   Struggles to generate collaboration with team members

Leadership & Team Building    5         Understand the long term goals of Corporate and coaches team to achieve the long term goals. Acts on feedback constructively
                                           4              Delegates responsibility  and coaches them to achieve the same;                                                                               Takes feedback constructively
                                           3              Constantly  motivates the team member and strives them to achieve                                                                         their  targets ;
                                           2              Exists in the team with a negligible contribution
                                           1              Does not motivate the team nor  promotes departmental                                                                                 cohesiveness  due to which team fails to achieve the target

Problem Solving            5           Anticipates the problem in advance, comes out with more than one                                                                        solution and implements the solution
                                         4          Anticipates the problem in advance and comes out with more than                                                                          one solution
                                         3           Accepts and solve the problem
                                         2           Accepts the problem but does not have the requisite skills to solve                                                                            them
                                         1          Depends on others to solve the problems

Attitude                                5              Demonstrates and shares best practices with co-workers
                                             4              Completes assignment and asks for extra assignments
                                             3              Approaches assignment with pleasance, happiness, and cooperation
                                             2              Takes a casual approach to assigned jobs
                                             1              Continually find things to complain about and exaggerate the                                                                         seriousness of co-workers mistake

Responsiveness                     5              Exemplary Speed of response, never misses a deadline
                                                 4              Appreciable Speed of Response takes extra effort to not to miss deadlines
                                                 3              Good Speed of Response meets deadlines
                                                 2              The slow speed of response just manages to meet deadlines
                                                 1              An unacceptable speed of response frequently misses deadlines

Negotiation Skills                        5              Generates multiple options to control negotiation
                                                      4              Negotiates to keep all parameters
                                                      3              Negotiates to keep the cost & quality  but unable to meet the time  parameters
                                                      2              Negotiates keeping only the cost in mind
                                                      1              Depend on others for negotiation

Average Behavioral Rating                                       
Signature of Appraiser with date

The 3rd part of kra of the production engineer

Part III - Learning & Development Needs                                                                           
Please identify specific learning requirements based on future job requirements:                                          Area                      
Learning Needs                                                               
Functional/ Technical Area                                                                                          
Behavioral Area                                                                                           
Any Other (Specify)                                                                                       

Appraiser's Comments on Individual's performance           

Signature of production engineer with Date

A similar format will be worked for  kra for production manager or kra for a production supervisor

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