Top 10 bangla christian song you never miss

Top 10 Bangla Christian song- Pita Parameswaran Bhajan

At first, jai Jesus guru who is the son of God and thanks to you Pita Parameswaran. Here I submitted some of the best to best bhajan of Pita Parameswaran as well known it Bangla Christian songs. Please don't miss, at least two minutes listening to this song and next you justify appropriate, although all songs made in local house and not in the studio. But real and natural means something difficulties and found in it more passion and more joy.

Best 10 Bangla Christian song

Bangla jisur gaan is very popular now in India for Pita Parameswaran bhajan as devotional songs.
     So selection all in video experienced channel is my best Christian songs of Prabhu Jesus Bengali song. Here all instrumental music combined from youtube creator Audio library music is naturally melodious with lyrics. Although all songs are recorded by the collar mic, that's for some unwanted noise are mixed. But I told you that only focus on the homemade preparation of Jesus bhajan.

Why listen to Bangla Christian song?

I come to the point of peace and joy only. Every people has been believed of supreme power in different religions.  Some of them who believes in Jesus Christ is the son of supreme power, he wants and loved Christian songs from the internet and some new. Some of them in India and Bangladesh are not understood as a non-Bengali language. I want to reach there and gifted them this Pita Parameswaran bhajan in Bengali. Please listen and SUBSCRIBE here for regular updated of Jesus Bengali songs.     

ও মা মারিয়াম যীশুকে দিলো জন্ম 🌼🌼🌼 bengali jesus songs

Bengali christian songs -ঈশ্বর আমাকে সুস্থ করে দাও

At last thanks to Pita Parameswaran for this Bangla Christian song post create by me. I very happily say to all that's jai Jesus and thankyou Pita.

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