Important 4 step to upload photo on google search engine

How to upload a photo on google search engine easily


Hi Friends, today discuss- how to upload a photo on the google search engine?  if you want to bring Blogger Blog to the Search Engine with a good upload photo on the google search engine for fit, as SEO Friendly Images can play an important role in searching value. Therefore By applying SEO Friendly Images, this will come in the Search Engine and thus you will increase Search Engine Traffic as our aim is to earn money online. 

In the absence of information, we simply create images from the Any Best Photo Editor or online free edit and upload it directly to my Blogger Blog.

We do not know that by doing this we will not get any Traffic Search Engine.
 So you want to have a lot of traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. like Search Engine, SEO Friendly Images can play an important role in it.
So let's know how you can optimize SEO Friendly Images for your Blogger Blog.

How To Make Images SEO Friendly In Blogger for Google

Directly uploading any images directly to Blogger Blog is the biggest mistake of the new Blogger.

If you have been making this mistake so far, then no matter you can improve it further by doing it better.

The complete information about preparing SEO Friendly Images for your Blogger Blog is given below. Keep Reading ............... Keep Learning :)

1. Use images in a friendly size for google ranking.

This is an important part of making any Images SEO Friendly. You should resize well in any of its Best Photo Editor before uploading to your Images blogger blog.

We often do this by uploading an image directly and then making it bigger by using the Small, Medium, Large option in the blogger blog.

Doing this reduces the quality of our images and does not look good at all.

That means use Small, Medium, Large only when it is very important, otherwise, keep your images in the original size.


But before uploading it, resize your images in Photo Editor as required, then go upload it.

The general size for any blogger blog you should upload is 580px, and it fits perfectly on your screen.

2. Rename your images.

These are also an important part of your Images SEO Friendly Images.

If you directly upload your images without rename it, then you are directly ignoring Ignore Search Engine.

You can rename your images according to your post properly.

As I have named the name of your image How-To-Upload-Photo-On-Google-Search-Engine for this post.

Keep in mind that you do not use Space in its name i.e. write SEO Friendly-Images-In-Blogger by typing SEO Friendly Images in Hindi.

3. Compress images for page load optimization.

When we create an image or edit it, it is a bit more sized which puts Effect on our Blog's Load Time.

If you directly upload this image of your blog without compressing it then it will increase the loading time of your blog.

Therefore, before compressing it, compress it with any online compressor tool so that its size decreases.

The online tool I use is> TinyPNG


I'm really a fan of this online tool. This reduces the size of any of our images by up to 80%. And there is not a slight difference in its quality.

So, before uploading the images for your blog, please compress it. Because the compressed image is improving Page loading speed.

4. Add Alt Tag and Title Tag for best SEO.

What is this Alt Tag and Title Tag?

Alt Tag: When images of our blogs are not loaded due to slow internet connection, then this Alt Tag appears in the place of those images instead.

Title Tag: When you move the Pointer of your mouse to the Kiss image, the Keyword you see here is the Title Tag.

Both of these Alt Tag and Title Tag play an important role in creating SEO Friendly Images.

It guides the Search Engine to understand those images.

Now it remains that How to Add Alt Tag and Title Tag to any Blogger Images ??

To do this, click on the uploaded image and then click Properties from there.


Now after that you will have two boxes, one for Alt tag and the other for the Title Tag.

Make your Images SEO Friendly Images by filling in it.

So friends can make SEO Friendly Images to any of your images by following Steps in a few easy ways.

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