How to increase in new website traffic highly on google

How to increase website traffic in 3 steps

Have you launched a new blog and update a new post on that day? But even then no one can read your article on your blog. The traffic is almost no equal. If you are in this situation, then you should read this post on my blog How to increase website traffic due to earn money online.
Today we will talk about just a few simple reasons which can increase the traffic on the blog, talk about something simple method in 3 steps.

How to increase website traffic
How to increase website traffic
A. How to increase traffic to the blog?
B. Reasons FOR NOT Traffic On The Blog?
C. Tips To Make A High Traffic.

A. How to increase website traffic with my best tips 

Ø  In the week, writing a 1000+ words article, it is even better if you have Evergreen        Content.
Ø  Do not copy content from any blog.
Ø  Free blog directories can be added to the blog.
Ø  Tell your friends
Ø  answer question on Quora
Ø  add the image to keyword
Ø  blog's mobile-friendly making
Ø  Share your blog with a successful blogger
Ø  Please search keyword research before writing articles.
Ø  Comment on other blog related to your blog niche.
Ø  Keep in mind the need for the article logo.
Ø  Be sure to reply to comments.
Ø  Please niche related blogs to other blogs on other blogs.
Ø  Request another blogger to link your articles to social media.
Ø  Share your earnings report with your blog
Ø  Your readership is unexpected.
Ø  write eye-catching headings
Ø  Share a link to your blog/website on social media
Ø  Use the Paid theme to give professional look to the blog and avoid hacking.
Ø  Submit the blog to Search Engines.
Ø  Keep updating old post from time to time.
Ø  Show Alexa widget in the blog.
Ø  Share a successful blogger with your blog.
Ø  Use the Yoast plugin in WordPress
Ø  Create a blogger facebook group
Ø  Read Daily Popular Blog
Ø  Learn something related to your niche Daily.
Ø  Add Search widgets to the blog.

B. Reasons How not to increase website traffic highly

1-If Your Blog Is New Now

If you have started a new blog then you should not be scared that your blog is not getting traffic. It has been seen mostly that it takes 6-12 months for any new blog to reach the logo.

If you want people to come to your blog, then you have to comment on other blog related to the topic of your blog. You will have to write a guest post, and your blog's URL must be submitted in the author's information section.

This way you can not get too much traffic on your blog, yet this is the way to advertise your blog. Knowing other people about your blog.

2- You Have Not Been Content

If your blog has been 6 months, then the traffic is not coming to the blog, then it is time to review the content written on your blog once more.

It is possible that the content that you have written for the logo is not interstitial. So that people read it. Think about your target visitor what they want and you prepare the article or content for your visitor.

3- If You Are Writing Promotional Content.

If you are writing an article or content for the purpose of selling only a product on your blog, then this type of content does not like the visitor at all. And they leave the blog.

This increases the bounce rate of your blog and decreases traffic.
People need informative content, or the content should be such that their problems can be diagnosed.

4- If Your Content Is Written For Search Engine.

One very big problem is that today people all over the world get more traffic and write such types of content that they rank quickly in the search engine.

New writers often stuff out of keywords in this type of content. To which the content goes to the search engine, not for the visitor.

Any time you write content, write the visitor in mind only, if the content is good and you have promoted it properly, people will be more interested in that content and the traffic of your blog will also increase.
5- Blog Design Not Being Mobile Friendly

If your blog's design is not mobile friendly then your blog traffic will not come as it is 80 percent of the people now prefer to open any blog or website on mobile. You can check your blog is mobile friendly check here.

6- Post-Regular On The Blog.

If you do not update the blog regularly, the number of visitors will start decreasing and they will stop coming to your blog.
No one likes to visit the Dead Blog

C. Tips To Make A High Traffic

1. Choose the right blogging platform:

You can use Google's free service Blogger or WordPress (most widely used blogging platform) to create a blog. I started with Blogspot, and when my traffic started growing, I booked my domain and shifted to WordPress. Blogger is relatively comparatively easy, if you are not much tech savvy then it will be ok to start with Blogspot, and when your blog starts getting popular it can be shifted to WordPress. This is what many successful bloggers have done, i.e. this is a tried and tested route.

2. Know your blog traffic

There are two types of blog traffic, new traffic and old traffic.

This traffic works in two ways, new traffic that tells the new user coming to the new blog, the opposite is the old traffic means the people who visit the website again,

Old traffic means more, which shows that your written post logo looks good, and people come to your blog again to get your post, if people who come back to your blog are more then your post is good , And you are writing posts that you like to the people, if not so you change the post a bit, and write something new

3. Create a Blog of Your Interest:

In blogging it is very important that you choose the topic of your interest. Personal Development and Motivation has always been a topic of interest to me, so I chose it. If I was seen to earn money, I could have blogged on many subjects, such as insurance, Management, etc., my internal motivation was reduced in a few days and interest in my blogging decreased.

Create a blog on the topic you are interested in, and it is not necessary that you have studied in that subject. If an engineer is interested in cooking then he can make a cooking blog, yes it is necessary for him to buy it on the internet or books, but if the interest is genuine then it will be fun to do all this.

4. Select Broad Topic:

If you have to create a high traffic website then you have to increase your scope. If someone just makes a blog about I Phone, then soon he will not be special to write to him. If someone chooses his mobile phone then he will always have to write something or something.

Similarly, making blogs on cricket will be good to create blogs on sports. Keep your scope bigger than big so that you have more options to write. Keep in mind also that your blog is interested in masses. That is, there are crores of people who want to read such things, only then can create a high traffic blog.

5. Choose the name of the blog carefully:

When I started Clickndia, it was in my mind that I would write to increase knowledge of people and make them positive. And it was also in my mind that in the future I would like to include some more sections in this blog, that is why I chose a generic name, Clickndia.Com.

The name of the blog should be short, simple and catchy, and it would be better if the name of the blog is taken into account. Even if you create a blog with your name or any other name and have good content in it, there is no problem even then, but a small name, as soon as possible, will be beneficial to keep remembering it twice.

6. Your blog should be focussed on a particular area:

If you put all kinds of things on your blog, you will not find loyal readers. So, select one of the broad subjects and focus on that. For example, Clickndia is known as an online income and products review blog, if I start writing about that movie reviews and cricket matches, my readers may confuse what to expect in this blog.

7. Subscription options

You must give an option to blog to subscribe, so that people who come to your blog frequently and know that you have written a new blog again, which will keep on storing at least some of your traffic on your website, You may also find some new visitors along with this, and you will also get some email addresses so that you can send them a promotional mail from your blog too.

8. Valuable Content Build:

I had already thought that I have to create value, that is to make something that is beneficial for people who can really help them. I have always put a lot of emphasis on QUALITY of Article. Never post just for posting even though there is some gap in your two posts ... but do not compromise with quality.

And remember that regardless of the topic you blog, travel blog, finance related blog, music blog, etc ... value can be created. You have to treat your readers as a KING and they can give as good a good one as possible to read them.

9. Create Timeless Content: 

You always write posts whose shelf life is too long. This means that if you read that post today or 10-20-30 years later, then they are equally profitable for you. By doing this you work hard once and people often benefit from that hard work.

10. Guest posting

This method of being the most popular nowadays is going very much now, but it is very important to have a quality posting, if you are not able to run your blog properly and can not post it from time to time you can ask for posting Guest logos that appear on the blog, people can post to your blog, but rather a link to your website is to write your blog, you do Can cancel, but very much linked to mind will not go out of your blog. Find similar type blog, you can use a link the similar site.

11. Link to other related posts in a post:

Whenever you are writing an article and if you are telling something about it in which you have written something before, then give it a hyperlink.

For example, I have mentioned about the inspirational speech of Steve Jobs in some of my posts, so I hyperlink their name so that if the reader wants to read more about them, then click on their name to reach that post.

12. Increase the visibility of your popular posts:

You can use plugins or widgets on your blog that will show your top read posts separately. I have shown my popular posts on Clickndia.Com and Must Read Article section, which lets visitors easily read them. Along with this, Recent Posts and Related Posts are also helpful in increasing page views at the end of the article.

13. Learn some terms related to the Internet:

Ø  You should know a little about these things: 

      Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Submission Directories, Search Engine Optimization, Meta Tags, Keywords. 

Most of the popular blogs send Google traffic. So if you want to make your blog popular, then you have to check on the first page in Google's search results. And to do this you have to be familiar with the above-given terms.

Ø  Take care of social media -

Take care of the social media, as far as our blog is concerned, the highest traffic comes only by the social media at the moment as social media maintains a distinct identity on the internet, and almost every person using the Internet It is said that there is no link to any social media website, whenever you post a blog, then on the website of all social media you have a link to the post. Share with friends, if you posted correctly and precisely, you can get a lot of traffic from social media.

14. Learn how people search on Google: gets the most traffic from Google. When I write any blog post, I try to include such keywords that people can use to search such articles. For example: When someone wants to read an inspirational quote in the Hindi language, he will generally search for "Inspirational Quotes in Hindi", and that's why I keep quoting titles related to quotas as "keyword" in the keyword "IN HINDI". Apart from this, using keywords in the post also allows you to come up in search results.
However, now Google has the ability to search by typing in Hindi, but I think both its information and its usage are very low, so it is OK to put English keywords along with Hindi now.

15 simple words written

When writing a post, you should keep in mind that people are not all people who come to your blog, maybe even at a young age or older, you should use a language in the post that every age Let's understand the people , and everyone seems easy to fall, you wrote like you are speaking directly to them, writing a very difficult language on your blog is a little bit of a fall in the people Will be shrewd.

16. Make the blog layout attractive:

When a visitor comes to your blog, he should feel well. When I started the blog, one mistake was made that the background was black and the text was white ... which was attractive in view ... but there was a slight strain on the eyes, so later I changed it.

Black text and white background are the most used, so if there is any confusion, then do this for them. Posting using one-half image inside the blog posts looks a bit attractive, besides you can use any other color for headings rather than keeping all text black.

17. Use Social Media tools:

I use Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Google + on CLICKNDIA. By using these, my new posts are easily spread, and the Internet becomes its cal inks too. Apart from this I also share my new posts on Indiblogger.

The email subscription option also connects readers to your blog. So use these tools definitely. Hope you have done CLICKNDIA as a Facebook Fan Page !!! I have not done it now

18. Broad links external links:

External links mean that your blog is linked to another website or blog where click visitors can access your blog. To generate an external link, you can submit your blog to Blog Directories and comment on others blog When inserting, you can enter your blog's URL and create your own link.

Google will give you the same value as your web site related to your blog, and your page-rank and Moz rank check will improve, and your site will come up in search results.

 19. Create a single blog at a time:

I have noticed that many people create 3-4 blogs together, if you want to create a highly popular blog then it is not okay to do this because your energy and focus divide 3-4 and you can get a blog You cannot even judge with it. It would be better to be fully committed to one blog and work.

If you have confusion on which blog to work on, then take a little introspection and try to answer the following questions:

a) Which blog is my genuine interest, which I can sustain for a long time? b) Which blog can I help more and more people? Or which blog really needs people?

If you create a popular blog then you can easily create more blogs and by using your popular blog's traffic, you can also make use popular too ... so before making a blog fully dedicated, make a big one.

20. Keep in mind while publishing the post:

The URL of your post is created according to the title you give to your post. If your title is in Hindi then the URL will also be created in Hindi which will not be search engine friendly, so if you are going to publish a post for the first time, then title it in English and once it is published it will be changed Make tax in Hindi.

By the way, if you want, you can keep both keywords in Hindi and English.

For example: If your post title "my story" then post it for the first time give it "Meri Kahaani" or "My Story" title, and immediately after publishing, edit the post and title it "My Story" Give it

Apart from this, if you have a choice to edit the URL of the post separately, then you can directly enter your desired URL there.

21. Register in Google Analytics:

This is important Google Analytics is Google's free service through which you can learn statistics about your blog.

Some Important Things You Can Know:

• Which posts have been viewed? • Total Number of Page Wives • Number of visitors. • How many people are visiting which city? • Are people searching on your blog? • Source of Traffic. • Average time spent by a visitor

By analyzing these details, you can understand which type of post is becoming more popular, and accordingly, you can plan further you should read how to filter internal traffic by Google analytics.

22. Tool Use

You can also use some tools to write a blog, such as Article Writer, Marketing Tools, All In One Social Media, etc., with the help of which you can write articles in a short time, or quickly You can share on social media website, for example, you can use Hootsuite, you can share it with one click on all social media websites at once

23. Stay active
If I only want to give advice on creating a high traffic blog or website, then it will be "Engage. "By being engaged I mean that you get involved completely in your blog, your focus should be on the same thing and do so until you make it successful. Now, you have to define yourself to be "successful".

If you want traffic to come to your blog, you can remove these reasons and increase the traffic of your blog.
Starting a blog is not a big deal. The big thing is to keep updating it constantly and to create content according to the visitor.

I hope that you will be helpful in extending the traffic of your blog to today's blog on your blog without traffic. API Facebook Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram or must share.
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