12 Off page seo techniques for new blogger

Off-page SEO techniques step by step

Off-page SEO techniques 

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  • What are OFF Page SEO techniques? How to SEO OFF Blog?
  • How to use the Off Page SEO optimization Technique? 
  • Why is OFF Page SEO Required? Why use it to increase earn money online? 
  • All this information we are going to tell on today. Previously how do I post on page SEO? 
  • Was told about And what is SEO? 
  • What is the use of optimization techniques? If these posts have not been received, then read them first.

Because (because) on page SEO post is done while writing off, while off-page is posted after SEO post. That is internal and external! I would like to recommend to you, what is off-page SEO? And how? Before learning about On Page SEO, please read it carefully. Only then will you understand about OFF-PAGE SEO. I will assume that you have these two articles SEO? What is SEO? That has read the post. And you have understood about on page SEO.

Now we learn about OFF Page SEO. Before that, I once again know differently in OFF-page SEO or On-page. So that you do not have any further problems. Also, you can also know how to increase traffic to the website blog? How does traffic increase on the blog? All of this information should be understood by you well. And the blog can get rank on the top first page.

What is SEO? What is SEO Optimization?

SEO's full form search engine optimization | To understand this, I will try to explain in simple language, the way we use to bring traffic and visitors to my blog. She is called SEO in simple language. In other words, share on social media, to promote high traffic, to promote on the blog. In the same way search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Brings unique visitors from She has to SEO the content. Whatever work is done to bring the real unique traffic to the website, it is called search engine optimization.

What is ON Page SEO Optimization?

We told in the previous post, that on page SEO post is done. This means that on page SEO, when writing the website post, such as Post Title Heading (H1, H2, H3), URL Structure, Permalink, Meta Description, Internal Linking, External Linking, Paragraph, Keywords, Image Alt Text, Category within a post. Tags are coming | For more information, read from here- On Page SEO TIPS

What are OFF Page SEO techniques?

Blog post on page SEO comes after Off-page SEO, which is optimized in the external public. Like social media, Guest post, Form Submission, Commenting, google plus, facebook, Ping, backlink. See more information about this -

How to Blog OFF Page SEO 

Optimizing your site's off-page SEO, search engine page rank is improved. Many new bloggers and WordPress users write a post, then publish it. Some of the pages do not follow SEO. But to get good ranking on google, it is also necessary to OFF page SEO. Let's know, how to do website post off page SEO? Full information in details.

1. Share Social Media (OFF Page SEO improve)

A major SEO technique is to increase engagement for your site on social media. If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, engage with people on social media platforms. Off-page SEO comes with the most important social networking site. Social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus are coming. Every blog player should create a page and a group on social media.

Social media presence will also help you to get more and more backlinks in growing your blog or website. This increases the post boots and page views shared on the social network. Slowly visitors begin visiting the direct blog. Click on the shared post article and like to read the post on the blog. The name of the website is also done in front of the logo. There are thousands and hundreds of millions of people in the social media page group, out of which 500-1000 people get content viral. I am sharing the name of most social media here to share, which can increase traffic by 50% on the blog.

#facebook share to Increase Traffic

facebook is the most popular social media website, FB uses it in all corners of the country, even big people are also online on facebook. Therefore, Facebook is the best way to increase traffic on facebook, facebook page like box to increase traffic from FB.

#Plus Page & Group to Get Traffic in English

The second number comes on google plus social networking. The google plus group and page are also created, where the blog post is shared. Sharing content post on google plus also searches from google search engine but also google plus to index. And shows in the post-search result. So after publishing content, also share content daily on google plus.

This also comes in off page SEO optimization techniques. This can increase traffic. The most common thing is that, after sharing on social share google plus, search results appear in search results 10 minutes later. This is the benefit of every blogger. I also consider Google + as a top social network. Whenever I publish the post, first I am sharing on google plus, if you are on a blogger, you can take advantage of it by enabling Google + auto share features.

2.Article Submission To Another Blog
Some people say blog Directory Submission is not a good way. There is no benefit from this. Article post Another site that does not get any backlink is submitted. But I say that submitting the post on other website blog makes a big difference. Secondly, publishing on the website increases the rank of your website. And Good Pageviews Improve from google.

I agree that it delays the rank result, but there is a lot of benefit to it. Those called the guest post. I say you can also visit visitors from your other site to your website. Visitors also know about our website that this post has published the post. Your name and website are given in the post.

3. Powerful Backlinks create
If seen, all Off-Page SEO methods somehow focus on creating backlinks. Here backlinks are two types do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks. Both are necessary, but a powerful do-follow backlink can your website growing fast. Let your site are base on the category for English writing skill, then you managed a do-follow backlink from Grammarly site, no doubt your site will be the rank first page in google. Here give you 100 high PR do follow-backlinks.

4. Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog 
    (Verified Blog All Search Engine)

Your web site will be submitted to google webmaster tools to bring unique traffic from google search engine. Maybe yahoo bing will have been submitted to blog on yahoo search engine directory. But do you know, besides this, the blog directory is also available. Apart from traffic from google search engine, other directory sites can also get traffic from the website. You might be thinking, what another directory submission is left.

I'm going to tell you about the top best Blog submission website list. Which can increase blog traffic by increasing the blog? And you can increase your website rank on Google.

Top Blog Submission Directory Website List to Get Traffic More

    1. http://www.blogflux.com/
    2. cabinet
    3. free prank directory
    4. http://www.freedirectorysubmit.com/
    5. fuel my blog
    6. http://www.linkpedia.net/
    7. somuch.com

    It can submit to the top best Blog Directories website. Blogger or WordPress should be submitted in both blog directories for both users.

    4.search engine Submission your blog
    I come off the page SEO search engine submissions. We all know a search engine is a webmaster tool. Who is submitting your website blog on google, bing, yahoo / Yandex webmaster tools? Google webmaster tools can increase the high traffic on a blog by submitting to the search console. Because we all know the solution of every problem from the google search engine, hence the blog is submitted to google search engine.

    There is no traffic just by writing an SEO friendly content post and sharing on social media. Rather, the main work of off page SEO starts here. If you want to earn money from the website, then your blog also needs to visit organic traffic. That is, it is important to get visitors from a search engine like google. You do not need to do anything more. Just once, submit to the search engine like google, bing, yahoo, Yandex and verify it. After this, blog sitemap must be added to google webmaster tools.

    5.Forum Submission SEO
    What is forum submission? Form submission is a simple meaning forum. To say this is to connect on someone else's stage, answer questions, give suggestions, give advice, do community. By which people are attracted to know. The website itself is also a forums submission.

    There is just so much work to do in it, commenting on a popular website, answering questions of a person, giving a link, answering advice, and suggesting on their question. You can blog traffic and improve by submitting a forum such as etc. This is also part of off page SEO. This off page is SEO main advance SEO. I'm going to tell you the best do-Follow backlink site list, which can off-page SEO increase and make traffic boots.

    SN Forum Submission sites
    1 Flickr
    2 http://www.chronicle.com/forums
    3 bbpress
    4 http://www.addthis.com/forum
    5 StackExchange

    6. From Social Bookmarking Share Content Post
    The blog can increase traffic from social bookmarking. The content post is shared on the social bookmarking site. You probably will not know about this. Many professional bloggers adopt this method. Where traffic becomes high. I would like to recommend you You also share your content making post on the bookmarking site. You can even share an image, video, post. Off page is the best way to use SEO.

    As such, your website can use Pinterest to share that image. This is the most popular site. On which blog can pin the image Pinterest and increase the traffic. A search engine like google, bing, yahoo also indexes the Pinterest site. When searching on google, the post published in the Pinterest site also comes in search. This will increase traffic and rank.

    Besides Pinterest site, you can also share on bookmarking site such as Diigo, Bibsonomy, T winery.

    7.Other Tips Blog Post How Off Page SEO
    Now comes the blogger / WordPress post described above how do SEO very well? By telling you about the off page SEO you will have to follow normally. But now comes the other tips you can follow to a blog post. Many people follow the normal off page SEO. Like FB, google plus and twitter share post. There are many more ways to do this. Follow the blog and blog post on the high position. We are going to tell you how to do other tips and advance blogger post.

    8.Image Submission (Share Image of Blog)
    As I have explained about sharing content. On social media share, you can find the image/photo on Pinterest by getting traffic. This is the best and the best way. The best way to convert our image to traffic is. At first, you can read  Impotent 4 steps to upload the photo on the google.

                                 Your blog post sets a featured image so that it can also show the link along with the link sharing. So the thing is, that the image of the content which is created, can be uploaded by image by Pinterest, photo bucket, Picasa, flicker, like image media. Always keep a note of one thing in it. While adding the link to the image to bring the photo traffic from photo media. Also, use watermark with the image. Use as much watermark as possible if you use the blog's watermark in every picture. This allows visitors to reach our blog website by watching watermark.

    Thus by using the watermark on the image, share the image on the blog by increasing the blog traffic. I'm going to name you the name of the top image submission sites list. Which can increase the traffic with the image sharing off page search engine optimization? I'm telling sites list Alexa rank, with Domain authority (DA), page authority (PA)

    • image Submission Sites

    1 http://picasa.google.com/
    3 https://www.imgur.com/
    4 instagram.com
    5 https://www.tumblr.com/
    6 https://www.flickr.com/

    9.Video Submission SEO techniques
    Submit video tutorial or video to your blog. This also comes under one-off page SEO techniques. Besides posting a video on the website, you share it on youtube or video media, then it is also considered as part of the important importance of off page SEO. If you do not work for video then you can at least create your blog 'Information & Introduction short video'. And you can upload it to youtube. Along with my suggestion website post, you can do traffic boots on the blog by sharing a video on video sharing sites such as youtube. The video post along with the blog post will be improved.

    • Top Video Sharing Sites List

    video sharing sites
    1. youtube
    4. http://www.vimeo.com
    5. http://metacafe.com
    6. http://vidmax.com

    10.Infographic Submission
    Infographic submission is also a submit site. This is like local social media. Search engine optimization is the best and best technique through infographic submission social media. It is coordinated with data and information. By submitting on the infographic submission, blog website and blog content post can get a high rank. Get off the blog traffic and google rank by submitting on the blog to off page SEO on infographic sites-

    • best infographic submission websites list

    website list
    1. http://visual.ly
    2. reddit.com/r/infographic
    3. http://infographiclove.com
    4. submit infographics.com

    11.Document sharing site

    Our blog post is the best way to off page SEO. Sharing a document on the document sharing site is also a great way. Converting the website page into a pdf file is the document. In which the webpage can be created by pdf file document and inserted on the blog. This can also be downloaded by visitors post and also offline.

    You can also share the document file on online sites. Which means visitors will like to visit our site. And the page rank on Google will increase. The traffic on the blog will be increased. To share the document or pdf file on the online website, we have to share it separately on the site. I'm telling you the name of the best top sites. Which can increase the website traffic by sharing it? off page SEO can increase.

    Document Share Sites List-

    12.Question and Answer (Question / Answer)

    You can also SEO off page post by answering the question. Do not understand?
     Let me explain How do the website answer off page SEO?
    To understand this, first off page SEO means you know. As I explained above. Except in post. Pay attention to the external. Even in one click to share in social media. Whenever you share the post on social media, then the post link also happens together. Visitors click on that link and come to our website.

    In the same way, the answer to the question asked on a popular website or social media sites is done by linking it. By which users click on that link to come to the blog. Thus, both the blog post and the website are answered off with the question answer. This will get SERP on Google. And our post comes in search in good condition.
    Answer: Answer: Answer:: You can join the form like Quora, Yahoo answer and add another website to another.

    Last Words-

    Is it possible to turn off the page from the website? off page SEO in the blog? blog post to OFF page SEO in the Google search engine on the first page? The first page to improve the traffic blog post? We have tried to cover all topics of Off-page SEO. If a topic is lost. So let us know by commenting and read my another post that only 3 steps increase website traffic highly
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