Facts about Tree in 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth

I'll Give You The Truth Facts about Tree  in 10 Minutes  

Facts about Tree
Facts about Tree
Have you planted a tree yet? If yes, then very good if not,at least put a tree in life. Today I will give you the truth about the tree in 10 minutes and explained the most valuable point that how tree are most important in our life.

Truth facts about tree 

1. Tree A completely grown tree keeps the environment (atmosphere) clean with 70 times more than a newly planted plant.

2. 80 percent of the world's jungle has been cut. Prior to the arrival of the British, North India was also surrounded by most forests.

3. A fully grown tree costs around 5000.

4. A simple tree supplements the amount of oxygen consumed by breathing of five humans daily.

The tree was ready for us always.

5. A full aged tree absorbs carbon as a tree produces a car 41,600 km after running.

6. One tree absorbs approximately 1000 kg of carbon dioxide during its lifetime.

7. Indian scientist Mr. Jagdis Chandar Bose had first made a machine that could measure the growth of trees. This tool was made with the cost of just Rs.300, which was given as the name Kraskogra. He also received the Nobel prize for it. He was the first scientist in Asia to receive the Nobel prize.

8. Studies have shown that plants play a very important role in improving health. A patient who looks at green trees from the hospital room quickly improves the health.

9. Do you know that the trees never die because of their age? He always dies due to disease, insects and then due to man. Otherwise, it will never die. There is a tree in Calcutta whose age is more than 2000 years. There is also a holy tree in Sri Harimandir Sahib of Amritsar whose age is also a few hundred years.

10. A tree collects 2000 liters of water annually from the earth.

11. The daily edition of a large newspaper is made up of 500 trees. Every book that you had ever read was once a tree and this is facts about trees.

12. The trees take their 10 percent dose from the soil whereas 90 percent of the air is taken from the air.

13. 20,000 species of trees are found throughout the fortnight. Most species are found in India. America is in second place.

14. The Amazon basin is the largest area under forest. It is approximately 3,30,075 square kilometers, which is slightly more than Maharashtra (3,07,713).

15. The bamboo grows rapidly and its growth of some species reaches 1 meter per hour in a few days of the year.

16. Banana trees grow up to about 20 feet.

17. About 20 percent of Chinese trees are used to make medicines.

18. A complete Uga Cinnabar tree (Birch) produces 10 million seeds in a year.

19. To save a tender tree, you will have to recycle 1-tonne paper.

20. The drop of leaves and branches of a flower grown in an adolescent weight is a ton which is enough for the natural food.

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