How to increase page speed for fast loading

How to increase page speed - 10 helping tips


How to increase page speed 

Speeding up speed on earn money online Blog is necessary to bring traffic to Google search engine and how to increase page speed in the blog, when the loading speed of the blogger website is not good or the loading time of the blog opens longer, traffic will not increase on our blog because visitors If we come to our blog then the website page is more time to open, so he leaves the blog and goes to another blog website, which is
not good for us and can not do blog success without traffic. To get a better ranking of the website, the page's speed of 80-95 should be Something, Google added the speed of the blog to Algorithm, and Visitors also like the Fast Loading Site and likes to come back to the site, Website should start optimizing for Blog Fast Loading

How to Increase page speed of loading in Website Blog?

 Do you know the biggest reason for not having traffic on the website and blog is that the website does not have fast loading? Think once you like the site that opens fast, so why not visitors. Visitors also prefer fast loading websites because 60-70% of people have slow 2G internet. The fast loading website in 2G connection is also open too late so the slow site will also open too late.

Blog (website) Speed is Slow Why is it?

  • Website Page Size Grow for more decorating 
  • no mobile friendly amp theme
  • image size is above 50 kb
  • Too much Google Adsense & other affiliate ads
  • site not being optimized
  • HTML, JavaScript & CSS Code Being Uncompressed
  • Using the Advanced Features Widget, site loading speed is slow
  • Setting up a background image
  • other
  • Website or Blog's Page Speed Banner's not technically optimized 
  • Increase the Speed of the Website by Compress Code Necessary

To speed up the blogger blog, the code is to be compressed, if the code is not compressed then it may be good for you but it is not good for users and visitors. It is noticeable that the loading of the page is very slow. To increase website speed, reduce the size of the age by the HTML compressor to reduce the speed of the blog, you can load the blog from the HTML Compressor, by reducing the size of your HTML, JavaScript, CSS code like Website Loading Speed.

 Image size is displayed (Compress All Image)

Reducing the size of the photo image in the blogger blog increases blog loading speed. When preparing any post, the size of the image should be reduced before uploading the image. To reduce the size of the photo, you will find many online sites with the help of which the image can be compressed, due to the size of the photo, the website is fast open, the size of the image should be between 10kb to 30kb. blog image optimizer and Compress Online Site List-, Jpeg-optimizer or Image Optimizer, Optimizilla

Decrease Number Of Widget

Do not leave too much widget in blogger or WordPress, do not use as much widget usage as Facebook like box widget, subscribe box widget, popup subscribes widget, a popup like a box widget, social share widget, facebook group join box widget, etc. The blog website's loading is very slow

Avoid Too Many Ads (Avoid Using More Aids)

What do many people do more than any ads like Google Adsense, Amazon Ads (Affiliates), Adnow, in the Blog website? With more advertising on the website, there can be no more income and no traffic can occur because by applying more ads, Google reduces earning and speed of Page is slow too. I have to say that you use fewer Ads

Use Fast Loading Template (Theme) [Use Fast Loading Tablet]
Use Template Template with Speed Loading in the blog website. Template with Speed Loading should be both SEO and Mobile Friendly, this will improve your Blog Search and Loading will also be Fast. fast loading with good traffic

 Remove Background Image (Remove Background Image)

It looks good to put image photos in the background of the website but it is not good for blog loading. To remove the background image in Blogger or WordPress

Speed loading of the blog from online tools and loading Increase

Everybody wants a blogger to visit more and more traffic and unique visitors on the website blog. I would like to say to all those people that you must first optimize the site to load the blog, increase the load of the blog. To optimize the website, we have to get help with online tools. With the online loading test tools, you can find out the reason for the slow loading of the blog: the option to speed up the online tools slow speed will also be shown and you will also find there how to FIX it.

  3. PageSpeed Insights (Google Developers)
  5. Pingdom Tools
  6. Webpage Test
  7. Load Impact
  8. Dare Boots

Both the website blogger and WordPress can be the speed test of the online tools and the blog can be optimized and compressed from these tools. The importance of getting the speed traffic of blog matters.