How To Earn Money From Facebook ?

How To Earn Money From Facebook?

how to earn money from Facebook
how to earn money from Facebook
                                                             On many roads to earn money online, we will tell you today how you can earn money from Facebook. Well, there is no such system on Facebook, but to make money, there are many other ways
that you can earn money by using 100% Facebook. Let's know how to earn money from Facebook.

Two types method is the best of online now.

  1. How To Earn Money From Facebook Using Amazon Affiliate 

1.Earn Money From Facebook Using Amazon Affiliate

You must have heard the name of Amazon, Flipkart,snapdeal or eBay. Amazon can be used to make money, Amazon is a very branded international company, today we will show a way to earn money from Facebook using Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate is a marketing program, you can sell any Amazon product through Amazon Affiliate and you get the commission. There is no need to put some money into it, it is absolutely free and you can make money from affiliate marketing.

The process of Amazon Affiliate is very simple, just make an account in an Amazon, later you have to fix it, you want to sell the product, after that you will get a link to sell that product. You have to post that link in Facebook, and when someone purchases anything by opening that links you will get a commission.

Here we will explain you step by step.

1. Sign up for Amazon Affiliate. You can do this from this link:
(Sign Up to Amazon Affiliate for Facebook Through Amazon)

2. After you do Jointing, you will see lots of options for advertising. Like today, we can see how little money can be shared with Facebook by sharing a product link. You can choose any way in your own way. To make money by sharing the link of the product, you can select Product Link. (Here We are Explain you to Earn money from Facebook Through Amazon Product Link)

3. Select the category of the product you want to share. (Select category)
    Amazon category

4. Select categories or search for a product name. After that, you will find his link. What kind of advertising do you want to show to the people, you can select from here. (Copy Link and Paste Anywhere)

5. It is not that you just have to share that link on Facebook, you can share that link in the Internet world when someone purchases anything through that link, you will get a commission. All done everything


There are many websites on the internet that need a Facebook page to increase traffic to your website. You can sell your Facebook page to these people. When your page is 1000 -10,000 likes, then sell it. To sell, you can place an ad on your page that "I can sort my page" and keep the prices accordingly. If you have problems in selling Facebook pages, then there are many such groups on Facebook that get the Facebook page from the sale. Your search "Sell and Purchase" and share that page in full with your page. Many people will be ready to take your page in a few days. Fan page cash( one of the examples for buying or selling any social fan page.


Every website requires more visitors, many such websites spend money to get traffic. There are many page views on their website. You can share a link to the posts of these websites on your page. You can take money from which to get traffic from your page to their website. Meaning you share links to other people's websites on your page and take money from website owners. If you are wondering how to find such a website? So this is a lot easier. Read below ... This is a website whereby registering you can earn money by sharing the website of another logo on your Facebook page. You open the website and click on Login with Facebook. After this, you submit your page to this website. After that, you can easily sideline your post. This website has a lot of people like you who earn a lot of money by citing the post of their Facebook page. You register on this website and fill out the information about your page and start your work.


You can also make money by making websites When you have your own website, share your article on your page and increase traffic to your website. The more visitors come from your Facebook page and the ad you use on your website, the click will get your income.

Hope you liked this post, if you have any questions related to this post, then comment below.
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