15 vital SEO Tips each New Blogger ought to understand

SEO Tips Important for New Blogger 

15 vital SEO Tips each New Blogger
SEO Tips
If, Just launched your initial ever blog/ website? allow us to introduce you to 15 vital SEO Tips each New Blogger i.e. earn money online blog post improvement. what's SEO? because the name suggests, it is optimizing your diary or web site for search engines.
In easy words, SEO is following a collection of pointers of varied search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, etc. to extend the visibility of your content.

To increase the traffic of any blog SEO is very important.
But before learning SEO, it is important that you know this-

Why is SEO important?

When your articles or posts pass the computer program pointers with a high score, the visibility of your content on these search engines will increase. Thus, your web site starts attracting additional traffic, that successively causes you to additional revenue through sales and ads, and will increase the authority of your web site.

Many earn money online sites is available in the internet world. Things just like the freshness of the content, quality of knowledge it provides, relevancy, different relevant content joined thereto article, user-friendliness of the page are a number of the numerous factors Google considers once ranking similar content in its search results for specific keywords.

How SEO works?


Crawling are the first steps that are done for indexing web pages. In this, visit the web spider hypertext pages and index the pages.


Collected, parsing, and storing data for the web pages that are indexed during crawling comes under indexing so that the same data is put together which is called indexing. The results that are available in the search engine Pages are chosen from these index pages


The matching process begins after indexing. When the user enters queries in a search engine, matching process begins, in which the SEO tool goes to the index page and returns a list of web pages by matching the data according to the keyword's query. The choice is done by the meta description written in the web pages. This whole process is called matching.

15 vital SEO Tips for each New Blogger 

(Remember to read about Off-page SEO with this blog to proper optimized your blog )

Following the steps of  Search Engine Optimization tips will increase both your website's traffic and ranking in search engines.

Keyword Research 

Choose the right keywords for your website Find keywords for your website -The most important of the keywords is search engine optimization.

To succeed in the SEO field, we must come to choose the right keywords. Thus, the primary SEO tips for each new blogger is to analysis and realize that keywords to target and write around it.

The free Google Keyword Planner tool in Google AdWords is that the smartest thing a beginner will use to try and do keyword analysis and arrange their content strategy.

It shows you the search volume and competition of every keyword, at intervals and outdoors Bharat, in an exceedingly specific date vary of your alternative.

Use keywords in your blog or website.

After selecting keywords, use them like this.

  • Use Keyword in the Page Title.
  • Use the keyword in the Meta description.
  • Use keywords in the headings.
  • Do not use keywords much in content.
  • Use the keyword in the URL of the page.
you will find many tools that will help you to do SEO. If you use Blogspot, you can read how to enable search description in Blogger.

Use a Plug-In for Basic SEO

This is one among the best, most simple SEO tips a newcomer blogger ought to understand. If you've got a WordPress diary, optimizing every one of your articles becomes pretty easy with a WordPress plugin referred to as Yoast SEO. it's one among the must-have WordPress plugins for brand new bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Submit your website sitemap to Google

Submit sitemap of your website to Google Sitemap is a .xml file. This file contains all the information about our blog.

With its help, Google's crawlers add all the information about our blog to our database.

If you've got a WordPress diary, you'll be able to transfer an honest XML plugin, which is able to generate the sitemap for you, and even give notice major search engines whenever you transfer new content. Otherwise, you can use free xml-sitemaps.com.

Submit your blog in search engine

Submit your new blog in Google and the rest of the search engines Submit your website to Search engines -
If your blog or website is new, then first you submit it to all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

When you submit a website to google, all its records go to Google's database.

Integrate Google Analytics

You will solely work towards up your web site once you can analyze the efforts you're fixing to that. and therefore the best thanks for analyzing the performance of your web site is through Google Analytics.

*You can go Google Analytics signup here.

All these things indicate your users’ or readers’ behavior. If your user behavior is sweet, search engines contemplate it an honest sign. Armed with all that data from Google Analytics, you'll be able to decipher what's operating for you and what's not.

Optimize images of your blog

Optimizing images is very important. Proof of images in your blog Use keywords in the ALT tag of each image.
Search engines do not recognize images, they know the same name of the image, then you tell them in the alt tag.

Set a most well-liked Domain

The first and most vital issue you wish to require care of with Google Search Console is to line a most well-liked domain.

This dilutes the SEO worth of your blog/ website. Thus, you wish to inform the computer program that one is your most well-liked domain i.e. however does one need your diary universal resource locator displayed: yourblog.com or www.yourblog.com.

Write your blog post lengthy -

The small blog post is not SEO friendly. Write a blog work of 1000 -2000 words. The long blog has many advantages.
In the long blog, we can reach more information readers. I have done this in my article too.

People spend more time on our site, who tells Google that people are liking our content.
In a long blog, we can also do internal linking too.

Speed up the blog speed -

If the speed of our blog is slow, google search engine reduces our rankings.

Google wants to give our users the best experience If the site takes time to open, visitors will go back and our bounce rate will increase and ranking will decrease in google.
Thus, you wish to watch the performance of your website on a daily basis. There are online tools like Page Speed Insights, that assist you to live the transfer speed of your web site, analyze the content of the positioning and recommend you changes to create it quicker.

Make your blog backlinks

Create high quality and relevant backlinks. It is very important in our SEO tips. When making backlinks, we have to take care of a lot of things.

At first, when taking a backlink, keep in mind that the website you are linking to is trustworthy.
Backlinks have a very good effect on taking from related sites to your field, on our SEO ranking.

Disavow Spam Backlinks to Your Blog/ website

This SEO tip involves stopping others from harming the SEO of your diary.

Like in each competition, in SEO too, there are those players World Health Organization try and win by delivery others down, rather than up themselves. within the world of SEO, unethical players try and hurt their challenger sites by posting the challenger site’s link on spam, X-rated or scam sites.

When your blog/ site’s links seem on such sites, their worth passes on to your website, and Google very prefers to penalize your website as a sender.

Thus, you wish to sporadically check for such backlinks (links of your website on different websites) and deny them i.e. tell Google, that no worth of the spam websites passes on to you.

You can do that in Google Search Console.

Configure Robots.txt go into Search Console

Using the robots.txt file, you'll be able to offer specific directions to the crawlers of the search engines. you'll be able to tell them to travel or to not move to sure pages. this is often a vital SEO tip as a result of you don’t need the crawlers to scan and index pages with delicate info like login details, passwords, credit card details, purchase history, etc.

You can tell crawlers no to travel to a particular page with the subsequent code:

Disallow: /page link

You can tell crawlers to travel to a particular page with the subsequent code:

Allow: /page link

Use Schemas

The schema could be a specific vocabulary of tags that you simply will augment your diary post’s hypertext markup language to enhance the means your page is displayed within the search results, therefore creating them additional enticing and clickable.

Using Schema you'll be able to show star ratings, the value of a product, the validity of a reduction, Meta descriptions, pictures or the other vital piece of your content within the search result. However, you may like a rather deeper data of hypertext markup language for this.

Use social media 

Use social media plugins on your blog -
People who like a humor blog can also share it with others. We use social media plugins for this.
In today's competitive time, we do not have to wait for people to find us, but we have to reach our content to them.

There are lots of social networking sites where people spend their time - like - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn Etc.

Publish your blog post on all these platforms. When people share our blog, Google knows that it is a useful post and that our rankings search results increase.

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