Why you need the hosting for WordPress & blogger

Why you need web hosting for WordPress or blogger?

Why you need hosting for WordPress or blogger
Why you need hosting for WordPress or blogger
I explained everything about earn money online blogs as you confused to take a decision that question Do I need web hosting for WordPress or blogger, most likely you're a beginner in this purpose and started share in blog whenever not a professional blogger.

Blogging meaning in two words = Passions + Time

Certainly, you need to begin composing some new interesting subject or knowledge. In any case, reconsider. Did you pick specialty/subject shrewdly?

Do I need web hosting for WordPress or blogger?


Blogger is Google claimed free CMS(content management system). It's anything but difficult to utilize and alter for a non-nerd fellow. All your substance will be facilitated over Google's own particular servers, so no compelling reason to stress over server down issues.

Security - You haven't stress over getting hacked. Simply compose. Here Google is your security director. Capacity In Blogger stockpiling is restricted it's 15 GB or 20 GB. Many individuals propose the utilization of Google drive to have pictures yet I think in that way you'll lose picture seek activity.

Blogger layout - There are many sources to get free and paid blogger format. Layouts are anything but difficult to tweak.easily find you search in google as a template of the blog.

Adsense - People composes online journals for cash + distinction. I'm certain you think about Adsense. Adsense setup is simple with a blogger blog in only a couple of snaps.

Area - Google gives sub-domain (Name.Blogspot.com) with a blogger blog. Whenever you can transform it with possess custom domain. But domain changing is a fact for SEO ranking.you can read for more knowledge -15 vital SEO Tips each New Blogger.


WordPress will be WordPress. In case you're an expert then you ought to run with self-facilitated WordPress blog.

WordPress has two things to understand about WordPress, you just have your choice, and there are two versions of WordPress Easy to Rest - WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog and blog tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS.

For the first one who is the novices, focus on coding, website designing, SEO, hosting and all that things as tech things do not want to get into and instead of creating awesome content.

If you are one of them, you can choose a domain name with wordpress.com: Create a free website or blog extension - for example - example. wordpress.com. You can convert to example.com.

 Buy a domain name (for example) from wordpress.com, which means it will be hosted at wordpress.com. Server. I think they are priced at Rs 1800- Rs 2500 per year, including domains and hosting.

Now, if you are looking for self-hosting, how can you proceed with it?

Buy a domain name from the website as the domain name - cheap domain name or GoDaddy
You can then host it at Hostgator or Bluehost. You can get a shared hosting as less than  Rs 230 a month (Rs 2700 annually)
From here, you will find Wordpress.org. Tools to Host Your Site This is not a little clever but it is difficult if you need any help, you can let me know  .you should read why is a web hosting service needed.

Never run with Free WordPress. In the event that needs free CMS then Blogger is the best later you can move your blog to self-facilitated WordPress.

In WordPress, there are heaps of subjects and modules which causes you in looks and SEO.
WordPress not for nongeek fellow
In the event that you need a free CMS at that point don't think run with Blogger.
The expectation this answer will enable you to pick better CMS.

Tip - go through blogger blogs at the initial level, just buy a custom domain, yes WordPress can make blogging a little easier, I can fully agree with it, but I have to pay some money for it.
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