cooking oil filter bag change process

cooking oil filter cloth change are easily processed 

filter cloth change in the edible oil Industry

  Polish bag filter cloth changed is very common duty in cooking oil industry or edible oil industry due to arrest impurities and dust.after pressure increased of polish bag filter this cooking oil filter cloth will be is easy and useful job in  edible oil process,so I made this video about this topic polish bag filter cloth change. 

filter cloth change by step by step

         At first, checked all bag that is cleaned and no hole into the cloth. Next, stand by cooking oil filter machine started and older to be stopped and oil to be drained out, this oil will be taken in the cloudy tank for reprocessing. After fully drained by a draining valve and opened the top cover. Please wait for 15 minutes for machine-tube cooling.
Then an expert operator to be opened old cloth and removed from machine carefully. Next step new cloth set into a filter and all clamp to be tightened.

The problem in a filter cloth change

        Now I come to some problem when Cooking oil filter cloth not changed properly or any dispute present in this job. When dirty cloth present in the filter, then a bad smell created or oil color will be light blackish. If any hole present in cloth then spent earth or small dust will be passing through the filter, that results from something wrong in quality. When the filter door did not shut properly, then started filter leakage or maybe vacuum dropped in the process section.

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