10 Differences Between bad boss vs good boss

Differences Between bad boss vs good boss

bad boss vs good boss

A dream career not only involves not only your passion and high compensation but also good colleagues and a nice boss. Unfortunately, each job is not a boss that will be suitable for you and
vibes with you. A bad boss will have a negative impact on your work experience and sometimes you will be forced to leave your job.

Look here for a bad boss has some features.

Some of the special characteristics that help us to identify the differences Between bad boss vs good boss. At first, we see the example of bad boss characters.

1. Talk to the culprits and contact the team less frequently.

Communication is the key to a relationship and the relationship between a boss and a worker is no different. If your boss speaks insultingly or shouting to you or the team, then your self-esteem is not just suffocating but the pressure also increases.
When your boss should tell a talk time or what and when he should always contact the team. Your boss should give clear instructions about the project and give the job description.

2. His inspiration in his form of fear.

The motivation for hard work for an employee company is a special method, especially since no other employee thinks that if you do not do your job correctly you will not have to be a boss in the first position of a boss leading his / her team such as firing.
Positive motivation, such as rewarding and constructive criticism, tears up around the workplace and increases the self-recognition and strength of the workers.

3. You want full control over your work.

A company hires an employee because he/she has met the qualifications for the job and he has the necessary skills and ability. A boss who tells you what you want to do hopes to do the same way your job is done and risks personal growth and self-esteem of every employee controlling every aspect of your work.
A good boss will have to make their employees do their own way to complete the project. They just need to provide clear instructions and specifications.

4. Blame the team for failure.

One of the worst feelings is that you are not blaming something. A master who blames his team for failure and acknowledged credit is a really dangerous bus.
He should always have the stick for the team and he should always always be the best for the team. The relationship between the boss and the staff is always to give and take.

5. The advice in addition to its own is not considered.

Your boss is the boss for a reason. He/she has acquired enough experience and now he has the necessary skills to stay in that position. Although the boss must always be one of the leadership and the staff will have to follow him, that does not mean that he is always right.
A great boss recommends his / her team's advice and considers other options for the request for the project. Team Simplon is also the boss' fulfillment
6. Do not do his job properly and you will do more difficult work than that is a real difference Between bad boss vs good boss. Your boss should always be set as a role model, as an example of company vision and mission. Your boss should work as strict as his staff and he/she should be part of the project like any other person.
It is said through Moses' teaching, "Do what you want to do for others at all times."

7. Does not provide guidance.

For the first time employees need guidance from their boss and other colleagues, especially in the first few weeks of their work. Should be brief about the job, and from time to time, the boss will see you always see your work and you are comfortable and well-adjusted.

8. Have a strong goal or vision

A boss should have a clear title to lead his greatest team.
Your boss will lead his / her team as directed by the company's vision and mission. A boss can also lead his team on their own terms and conditions that it adheres to the company's vision and mission.

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9. Ignore the importance of the formation of groups

The team building is for a reason. It strengthens the relationship between the company and its employees. This is a medium where employees can express their pressure earned in the work environment, and it is a reward for the workers for all their hard work.

10. Your boss works hard on you but the compensation is low.

Your salary should be based on your performance and job quality. You should have a set of guidelines and rules and should not accept any other work outside your contract.

Good boss employees who work hard and provide good services to the company. Should not be subject to employees and they deserve respect.
A thin line of difference between a bad boss vs good boss most people do not understand. They should use their status for the company's greater good and they should treat employees with respect. Employee's life is with respect. The employees are the lifeblood
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