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    1. 亚洲综合自拍亚洲综合区

      High-quality team work Bombing your eyeballs

      Recruit elite talent Addicted to spoil the CG

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      High quality road For the global market

      Communication, teamwork,collaboration

      and create efficient production process

      High quality artistic team

      Guangzhou Qianxue Network Technology Co., Ltd. as a high-quality game outsourcing Team, with a world-class high-quality talent, rooted in"Third World Capital" --- Guangzhou · Guangzhou, with different countries in the world Home area businesses to establish an extensive global network partnership.

      Standardized project management

      Team of experienced, senior gaming company who Specification team project management, special talents into the targeted tracking processOK coordination and maintenance,maximizing the painter's artistic qualities to play,To provide you with high quality, reliable and stable CG work.

      Reputation and artisan spirit

      Good reputation, pregnant with the company, so the company continued to grow,Can be recognized by customers, that we continue to move forward.A patient, perceptive strong team, with artisan spirit,To achieve the ultimate focus, we believe that attitude is a belief.

      2D ART

      3D ART

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