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How to start ecommerce business perfectly

How to start ecommerce business - Full details 

What is e-Commerce ?

E-commerce is also widely known as Electronic Commerce. E-commerce is made up of shopping, selling, marketing, and service of products etc. These services are also done on computer network but How to start ecommerce business in internet way?
How to start ecommerce business         There is a business to do business through e-commerce computer. Business related files can be sent from one place to another via computer network. Any company can explain its product in detail, we can buy any product by sitting in front of the computer through the internet. "E-commerce is the convenience of conducting business commercial communications and management through electronic methods such as EDI (electronic data inter change) and automated data collection." Selling and selling of products on e-commerce internet and business and The technology is available to provide services by consumers.

    e-commerce type:

  1.        business to business
  2.        business to consumer
  3.        consumer to consumer

  • Business to Business: -

In such a business , two companies trade from one another, such as a company buys the product from another company. Let's say an e-commerce company does not own the product itself and if you sell it by buying it from another company, then it will come in business to business .

  • business to consumer: -

You will know about this type of business , in which there is a trade between the company and the customer . Just like when you buy goods from an ecommerce company, you are a customer, we come in.

  • consumer to consumer: -

This kind of business is a bit different, as a consumer buys the product from another consumer. Just like many companies like today, let 's go to or visit to see any stuff. And to buy it, we buy or sell direct products by contacting another user. There are two people in business.

E-commerce companies have been connecting more and more sellers to increase their coverage. In this case, from the manufacturers to the sellers, the new channel has been found, where it can sell its product. In the series related to its e-commerce.

Two options, how to start E-commerce online selling business

  1. First Way to start e-Commerce business

The first is that you can create a good and attractive E-commerce Website by hiring a good Web Developer for your business.

What to do for your Ecommerce Platform or Website -
Get a good Payment Gateway for your E-commerce online website. Some good companies offering Payment Gateway services such as

  1.   CcAvenue,
  2.   2checkout,
  3.   Instamoja,
  4.   paydoller etc.

List the products you want to sell, with a good Product Description, on your Ecommerce Website.

As soon as the customer's order comes from the ecommerce website, you can get home delivery directly through courier services. For this, you have to contact a company providing a good courier services.

Friends, you can sell your product in All over India by creating your own Ecommerce Website platform for your business in this way.

2.Second way to start e-Commerce business

  The other way in How to start ecommerce business is by joining the market's big e-commerce companies, you can start your own online business and sell the product.

-> There is some popular E-commerce Website Platform in India -

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Ebay
  • Shopclues
  • Paytm

This is an Ecommerce platform that gives you the opportunity to do your business.
This Ecommerce website only provides you with a large Platform Provide to do business. Where you can sell your product You can start selling online.

You can sell your product with these e-commerce business website as a seller register. Just have your platform ready to do business.

# What is Basic Requirement to Register on E-commerce Website?

1. You must have a firm
2. You or your Business Firm should have a Bank Account
3. You must have a Vat, CST or TIN number
4. You must have a PAN card.

By completing these requirements, you can become a seller with any E-commerce website platform.

# How to register on the e-commerce website -

To sell E-commerce online first, register your business platform at the E-commerce website. The e-commerce website you want to sell your product Register there.

Normally all the websites have the same process. As soon as you visit Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay and Shopclues website, there will be an option of seller and there will be written on Amazon, sell on Flipkart, sell on ebay, Be associate Etc. This way, the option will be easy to register on your business by clicking on it.

 # Can sell on e-commerce website -

E-commerce website platform You can sell anything, you can sell everything that you think you can sell online and sell online .

like :-

Digital products, Clothes, Books, mobile phones and Electronics products, Devices Products, Movies, Video Games, Home kitchens material, Sports and Fitness Equipment, All consumer product and Industrial Products and etc.

 # Product source for E-commerce selling -

1. You can also sell products by Manufacturing
2. If you do not want to do Manufacturing then you can import the product.
3. You can do wholesale according to your budget by distributors and wholesellers in bulk.
4. You can also contact a large manufacturer by selling the product

5. You can buy bulk products and goods in Bulk from the big E-commercre website and online at E-commerce website.

Finally I hope that you have come to understand the full philosophy that how product is to sell . You can earn 8 to 15 thousend comfortably in home every month by selling e-commerce online. This online business idea is  the best one post in earn money online tips. Now do not delay anymore Start your online selling business by starting the move towards your dreams.


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