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aquaguard reviva nxt ro+uv review

aquaguard reviva nxt ro+uv review Hi Friends,

Here I discussed and attached video about aquaguard reviva nxt ro+uv 8.5 l Aquaguard RO + UV + TDS details Review.

Eureka fobes is best water purifier company, this aquaguard Reviva nxt ro,uv,mtds model technological video has been submitted for better product experience as it is eureka forbes aquaguard Reviva nxt Shuddha se zyaada,sehat ka waada .also shown the installed iron filter for prefilteration process. Aquaguard enhance water purifier of eureka forbes is good.
But Aquaguard Reviva nxt to,uv,mtds is better than other products due to multi stage purification process.If you check online price click here-aquaguard reviva nxt

          Specially in REVIVA NXT RO-Aquaguard Reviva Nxt Ro 8.5 L Ro Water Purifier

  1. Filter removes suspended particles from the water 
  2. Chemi-Block remove excess chlorine and organic impurities
  3. RO cartridge reduces hardness, pesticides and also eliminates micro-organisms
  4. Membrane life enhancer prevent scalling of dissolved salts,thus enhancing membrane life and improve water flow. 
  5. Taste enhancer cartridge-remove residual organic impurities and enhances the organic taste the water.
         And REVIVA NXT RO+UV+TDS   Aquaguard Reviva Nxt Ro+Uv 8.5 L Ro Water Purifier                                   
     6.UV chamber - Germicidal UV lamp disinfects the water by eliminating waterborne all disease-causing bacteria,virus or protozoa.
     7. Mineral guard -prevents the deposition or scaling of calcium and magnesium in UV chamber.
     8.MTDS Regulator-adjust the TDS of purified water to provide healthy water always.
Trust of 100 lakh mother In this product tds controlled with advanced technology name mtds.        Aquaguard Reviva next prices has been shown in this video is sixteen thousend four hundred ninty rupees.

My another post in reviva nxt TDS setup process-Aquaguard Reviva nxt of euraka  ro+uv+tds and this video is required after buy that How to change TDS setting by TDS meter video.   
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